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Tax Terms Explained: Enrolled Agents

When you're looking for tax help, a big part of the frustration can be not understanding new-to-you terminology. At Taxation Solutions, Inc., one way we help eliminate confusion and alleviate your stress is by making sure you understand the whole process, including tax jargon and terms.

Today we'd like to explain the tax title "enrolled agent." An enrolled agent is a specialized type of tax advisor who has met specific requirements put forth by the IRS. Enrolled agents are not tax lawyers or CPAs. However, they are highly qualified to help you resolve your tax problems.

To become an enrolled agent, an individual must go through a background check and pass a strict examination. Annual professional continuing education is also required. The process of securing, and maintaining, the enrolled agent designation is so rigorous that less than 10% of all tax practitioners are enrolled agents. That means when you choose an enrolled agent to help resolve your tax problems, you're working with the crème de la crème!

For more information about tax terms or to learn how our enrolled agents or other tax professionals can assist you, call Taxation Solutions, Inc. today! We're ready to put our 40+ years of tax help experience to work for you.