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Get Bank Levy Relief Now!

While most tax problems need to be dealt with efficiently, a day or two often doesn't make a substantial difference in the outcome. When it comes to bank levies, however, you need help immediately. Don't delay, even a day, when you receive notice that you're subject to a bank levy. Call Taxation Solutions, Inc. right now to get the tax relief you need!

An IRS levy is the legal seizure of your assets to satisfy an outstanding tax debt. A bank levy, specifically, is an IRS levy that seizes money out of a bank or investment account. Once property has been seized, it can be extremely hard to get back. That's why it's so critical to bring in a professional tax resolution team right away.

If you're being subjected to an IRS bank levy, you will receive a notice entitled "Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to A Hearing." Stop everything and call Taxation Solutions, Inc. if you receive that notice!

Over our decades in the field, our experienced team has assisted countless taxpayers just like you, and we can work with the IRS to release the bank levy. You have options when it comes to paying off your tax debt, and we can help you secure an alternative to the pain of dealing with an IRS levy. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to have the levy released due to economic hardship, negotiate an installment agreement, or otherwise help you obtain an alternate tax settlement.

Let Taxation Solutions, Inc. go to bat for you. We are your answer to getting the best possible outcome when you're dealing with an IRS levy. Call us immediately to get started.